Fleet Hire, Ballarat

Calora Demolitions has a great range of fleet hire options in Ballarat and district. From bobcat hire to rigid and semi-rigid tipper hire, water trucks and even bin hire! We have provided extensive float work in the region, transporting everything from cranes through to metal debris, our own excavators and more. Take a look at our range of fleet hire vehicles and contact us for enquiries or to book directly. You might also need to look at our demolition services in Ballarat to see how we can help you safely take down part or full buildings and other structures.

Rigid & Semi-Trailer Hire

Tipper trucks have a variety of uses, transporting debris from demolition sites to delivering fresh soil, stones or other materials for landscaping projects, it is the tipping action that makes them a super handy addition to our fleet hire range in Ballarat. Calora Demolitions offers rigid-trailer hire and semi-trailer hire in Ballarat for residential, commercial and...

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Float Hire

Float hire is an excellent alternative to towing a trailer, particularly when you have bulky and heavy items to transport. We offer general float hire for almost any purpose. We can transport our bobcats and excavators, other machinery for other trades, crates and pallets and so much more. A float truck has a large, flat...

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Bobcat Hire

Calora Demolitions has all your bobcat hire needs sorted in Ballarat. With an extensive fleet of bobcats, we can get the job done when you need it done. We have an outstanding team that prides itself on completing works within expected timeframes and to the standard you expect from Calora Demolitions, your local demolition experts....

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Excavator Hire

Calora Demolitions has all your earthmoving needs covered with an extensive fleet of excavators for hire in Ballarat. We will have a machine to suit your project requirements, including 1.5-tonne, 15-tonne and 20-tonne machines. Our excavators are perfect for large-scale demolition projects, including commercial and industrial demolitions. Our team has taken down 10-storey buildings, walls in...

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Water Trucks

When you need water trucks for hire in Ballarat and district, call on Calora Demolitions. Perfect for Ballarat’s rural properties and farms, delivering water supplies in a timely and convenient fashion! Water trucks can be hired to transport water from storage tanks to crop fields or other locations requiring a water supply. In the hot summer...

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Bin Hire

When you need bin hire for effective rubbish removal in Ballarat and district, call Calora Demolitions. From drum bins to skips and everything in between – we’ve got a bin size to suit your needs. Whether you’re doing a general home clean-out or mega demolition project – we will deliver the bin that best suits...

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