Tree & Stump Removal, Ballarat

As your local Ballarat demolition experts, with an extensive fleet hire range, we have both the expertise and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees, branches and stumps from your property. And because we love recycling and dislike waste, we also offer mulch for sale.

Tree clearing and removal

We offer tree removal for trees of all sizes in Ballarat. Our specialised equipment and trained staff will safely and efficiently take down the largest and most-difficult trees.

Stump grinding and stump removal

We provide a complete stump removal and stump-grinding service in Ballarat. Stumps can be removed below the ground, preventing rotting stumps which attract ants and termites and can also be unsafe or unattractive in the garden.

Mulch for sale

We have a range of top-grade garden mulch for sale. When placed around trees or gardens it’s the perfect way to reduce water bills and weed growth. Mulch can be delivered to schools, landscapers and home gardeners. Ring for load prices for garden mulch in Ballarat.