Scrap Metal Baling, Ballarat

Calora Demolitions provides scrap-metal baling in Ballarat. Our state of the art machinery crushes the strongest scrap metal into pieces a tiny fraction of the original size. This allows us to effectively recycle a large portion of scrap metal. Recycling is something we are passionate about; we recycle as many materials as possible from demolition sites.

Even if you have a small amount of scrap metal, we can combine it with other pieces to compact into recyclable sizes.

The other benefit of our scrap metal baling service is we can clean up demolition sites quickly. We can simply throw scrap metal debris from around the site into the baler which compacts it into cubes we can stack onto our truck and remove.

This helps reduce downtime on and away from the site, often allowing us to transport debris away in one hit!

If you have any questions about this service or would like to organise scrap metal removal in Ballarat, please call us.