Water Truck Hire, Ballarat

When you need water trucks for hire in Ballarat and district, call on Calora Demolitions. Perfect for Ballarat’s rural properties¬†and farms, delivering water supplies in a timely and convenient fashion!

Water trucks can be hired to transport water from storage tanks to crop fields or other locations requiring a water supply. In the hot summer months Ballarat can become quite dry and water truck hire is a lifesaver for farmers needing to water their animals, as on-site or inland water supplies can often dry up.

Water truck hire is also useful for events, as drinking water from a truck can be connected to water bubblers or taps, providing a free source of water. The provision of free water is a legal requirement depending on the type of event you’re running. Make sure you check the requirements for your event category and ensure appropriate water supplies.

If you’d like to discuss your water transport requirements, please contact Calora Demolitions to organise water truck hire in Ballarat. We also provide the bin hire Ballarat¬†residents and organisers need for effective rubbish removal.